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When did my art blog turn into a sports/anime blog?

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Papa Mochi makes me so happy and your drawing is wonderful. If my skill ever teaches half of what yours is, I'd be a happy camper. Can't wait to see the next set!

Thank you so much! With Papa Mochi though, you can thank the original prompter, mizulynn105. XD I’m glad you like my drawings and I hope I can bring out the next set much sooner than I had the last.

As for skills well… I know maybe it can sound redundant, but all you really have to do is keep practicing!♥

I honestly never thought I’d be able to able to draw as good as I do now just some years ago! I mean, I think there’s still a long way to go… But improvement will always be achieved through practice whether it’s noticeable or not.

Don’t be complacent. Always seek to do better. But don’t forget to also be proud of what you can achieve now.

Take your time and learn. Not everyone improves at the same rate. I remember lessons on drawing I had four years ago, which I only learned to apply in the past months. =u=;;

So don’t give up! A small or large step forward is still a step closer to your goal!♥

Prompt #17 - “some more papa kuramochi and chibi eijun shenanigans??" from anonymous

More of Papa!Mochi and Baby!Eijun as everyone has been asking! I hope I did well enough to satisfy for now—But some of my other ideas I either shaved off this set, or all together moved them to the next set. Hopefully you guys won’t have to wait as long for that one, considering the next one involving this AU is prompt #18. So stay tuned?

Also, I know you asked for more shenanigans, but I feel like we didn’t get enough of Mochi in this one? OTL (I wanted to bring in more Seidou players while I have the chance)

Also, I think some people are confused about Mochi’s age in this, and to be honest, I didn’t think too hard about it; wanting people to make their own headcanons for this AU. But if I were to be asked, Mochi is basically in his early twenties in these ones. (Prolly had Eijun when he was 17-18.)

More from this AU:

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Eijun character song’s original drama CD summary [Part 1]


Everyone needs to listen this.

This is one of the most hilarious drama CD I have ever listened.

(But this drama CD was very difficult to understand. orzll I couldn’t catch some words so I must say I’m not sure enough about the details. And I am very grateful if someone can check it for me, please ;w;)

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Haruichi character song’s original drama CD summary [Part 2]




Sorry for taking too long. Yesterday I was busier than I expected. orzll

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Harucchi…a tomato is a fruit…. |’D

So this is the first time Haruichi made a mistake!!! (laughs)

Actually they’re technically both right. Scientifically, tomatoes are considered a fruit. In cooking however, tomatoes are considered a vegetable. O3O

Being from the Philippines as well I really feel you dear! ;A; I’m really envious of my friend back in college when she got softball for her Team Sports course, as much as I wanna play I don’t coz nobody knows it ;A;

Hahaha. I went to a grade school & high school that thankfully had a Softball team. I remember how there was so little teams to compete against that tournaments were done round robin style.

I wish I had been able to play all the way ‘til college. It’s not that I didn’t have the chance to—But considering the course I had wanted, I had to choose between two things I loved a lot. Drawing and softball. Unfortunately, drawing won in the end considering the future career I wanted. So I went to a small college that didn’t even have any sports teams… (Much to the disappointment of a coach I knew.)

As an adult, what i find most frustrating is that… It’s not like baseball and softball don’t exist in the Philippines. We have whole associations and leagues dedicated to the sport within the country. But now it’s the X and Y that gets in the way… So to speak. It would be so much easier to play if I had been born male.

Sports are great. But it is sadly still a very male dominated place.

I started reading Eyeshield 21 from the beginning again last night, and I have to say I can see why so many people like it. I’m really enjoying it and actually got pretty engrossed in it that I didn’t realize it was already 2am by the time I decided to stop reading.

I was gonna continue reading it today, but after I watched the latest episode of Diamond no Ace—I can’t focus on anything anymore… My love for DnA runs too deep and too dangerous. Someone halp. OTL