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When did my art blog turn into a sports/anime blog?

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I live fir your papa! Mochi baby! Eijun AU. Like you dont understand some of the pannels are my wallpaper and the lockscreen. For some reason when I see it I just tear up because its too beautiful. I just cant not because I love it so much!! Thanks!

I-I don’t know what to say! T-thank you?? I never thought my dumb doodles would ever have anyone making them their wallpapers and stuff! Ahaha~ Thank you!♥ “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

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I’m curious… How do you guys pronounce/read my url?


kirilldesu answered your question “My URL”

k-jung-ginger… and by ginger i mean the ginger idk if that’s right tho XD

seelcudoom answered your question “My URL”

kay jung ginger

queendtm2 answered your question “My URL”

cajun ginger

miaoujones replied to your post “My URL”

I read it as “kay jun ginger” until I saw someone else say, “cajun ginger”—so now I’m hoping that’s what it is…

rustdust replied to your post “My URL”


There we have it. Hahaha X’D

"Cajun Ginger". This made me laugh a lot. Thank you so much. Ya’ll are adorable~♥

There’s technically no right or wrong answer, really, I guess. You’re all free to say it however you like. O3O)/

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Aniya Keiichi : Ace player. Usually irresponsible and acts on his own, but his thoughts about Koshien are stronger than anyone else’s. The most reliable member of the team.

Mikoshiba Toru : Captain. Weak feeling, but he’s serious and puts in a lot of effort.

Shinjo Kei : Easily misunderstood, but he values friendship more than anyone.

Sekikawa Shuta : Can be a little troublesome, but he realy hates losing.

Wakana Tomochika : Mood-maker. When other members are down, he takes the initiative.

Hiyama Kiyooki : Easily gets into fight, but he has a lot of courage.

Okada Yuya : He’s loud and showy (at first sight), but he’s best at making composed decisions.

Yufune Tetsuro : Always uses silly words and stuff. His smile brings joys to everyone.

Hiratsuka Taira : Err… Super Positive!

Imaoka Shinobu : Doesn’t stand out much, but he always gives his best.

by Kawato Koichi