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When did my art blog turn into a sports/anime blog?

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Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for posting your lovely art! About three months ago, I was going through some things and I considered cutting. Then I found your art and it made me so happy every time you posted something new. I'm doing better now and it's all thanks to you! You are an inspiration to me and I am so grateful I found your art. Thanks again!

Oh gosh! Wow, um, just wow. You wouldn’t believe how happy I am to hear that you are doing good now, and that I was able to help you in some way, even without realizing.

Simply saying ‘you’re welcome’ just wouldn’t cut it.

I’ve always believed since I was young, that the best part of being an artist, is making people happy through your works, as other peoples art made me—Is still making me.

But don’t let me take all the credit. I’m glad you love my works, and they inspire you, but I’m sure it was your decision not to cut, and you should be proud that you are doing better now, and I too am proud of you.

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this is it, this is that big, awesome, amazing baseball anime everyone’s talking about, this is it. this is what i came to shed tears over and get incredibly pumped about. this is what i’ve been waiting years for. this is the show that’s supposed to make get pumped up for baseball. this is the show im supposed to achingly wait for every week. this is it. this is what i spend my hours of blogging on this website for. this is what im supposed fill my blog with and spend backbreaking effort on graphics, edits, and gifs on for. this is the dream. this is life.

pandapster replied to your post “Convince me to read/watch a certain sports anime”

Mh.. I liked Prince of tennis… it was the first sportsanime where I started to ship BL pairs.. it’s not exactly as good as the new ones now but it was pretty good some time ago.

Hahaha—I have no idea what it is between me and Prince of Tennis, but I feel like I’ve been on and off that thing since I was still reading Slam Dunk back in high school. 8P

I keep trying to read/watch it, but I just can’t get into it. Magical tennis or something. OTL

Show me someone cute and loveable (and shippable) to look forward to. //SHOT

Convince me to read/watch a certain sports anime

I absolutely love sports anime, but I just haven’t read/watched enough of them really. And while I’ve had plenty of suggestions from different people from here and where, I really don’t know which ones I should really start with.

So, here’s a list of well… It’s written there.

♥ = They’re the ones I love most

f = It’s a sports anime about girls (Least that’s what I’ve been told)

You can add more to my list if you know a good sports anime that’s not written there. I really want something to read/watch that’ll keep my attention. (Area no Kishi kind of got boring right now for me, and Ping Pong the Animation is a bit… Difficult to watch. No offense.) And I’m still waiting for updates on a bunch of stuff of course.

(Also, just for reference, I’m not really into martial arts… OTL)

So, could someone convince me what anime I should be reading/watching next?

I just found your profile and I don't really know how I could miss such lovely art! I fell in love with daiya no ace at first sight so your drawings are really a bliss :DD you're so good, keep the work up!! \(*W*)/ *cheering for you*

Thank you very much!♥ Daiya no A is amazing, and as always I’m absolutely thrilled to hear people like my art~~

Thank you again—and cheers are always appreciated and lift my spirits~!♥

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hi~~ I always like reading your meta so I was wondering about your thoughts on misawa?


I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG ANON, I wanted to reread specific moments to answer your question and I ended up…rereading everything…ops? I’m glad you enjoy reading my useless chatter, though! Your question is broad enough for me to actually write a paper on this, so under the cut for length (also spoilers if you’re an anime only person!)

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THIS. THIS AND EVERYTHING. Serious props to miwacarroll for her lovely thoughts on MiSawa. It is almost everything I want to say on why I ship this pairing. This and more is the reason it’s my only legit ship in DnA (everything else I ship rather casually—With MiSawa, I just about break down—I swear. It’s why I can’t write about my thoughts on it because I get too emotional, jfc…)

All things said, even outside of a shipper’s point of view, I really love the dynamic relationship between Eijun and Miyuki. And I seriously want them to be friends one day. (If anything, Miyuki could seriously use a friend like Eijun.) OTL

I've just gone through your art tag and all of it made me so happy thank you and all of your doodles!! ^^

*hides face*—A-all of it—?? Even my old stuff!?? Hnggg—nnoooooooo—thank you. OTL I’m glad you like my stuff! TuT♥