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When did my art blog turn into a sports/anime blog?

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Rogers Hornsby was my manager, and he called me a talking pile of pig shit! And that was when my parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game! And did I cry? NO! NO!
So I saw your babyEijun and fatherMochi story this morning before I went to school... Gaaawd I was smiling the whole morning (day xD)! Thanks I hope there will be more w/ Ryou-san and Miyuki! :3 "Your art has the heart of an ace!" (=`-`=)

Hahaha! Very happy to hear that; Thank you!♥ And yes, there will definitely be more Ryou-san, and definitely more Miyuki (though Miyuki will prolly have to wait a little)! ^_^

Also—fdsfl;sdflsdfglfhhhlll—T-thank you! TuT♥ “—heart of an ace!" that has such a nice ring to it—I don’t deserve it—ssadjsfkjsd OTL

omg omg omg i love ur diamondd ace family, sawamura as a kid imygrblfc gfyrilhygluidf will you be doing more?? i love it Q_Q

Thank you! And there will indeed be more! There are two more prompts related to that AU. One sorta prompt. And some extras I’ve thought of that don’t fit with any of the prompts, but will probably be drawing out anyway. =u=;; Stay tuned~!♥

I am trying to figure out all the faces in your background >:( Sawamura, Onoda, Mihashi, Kuramochi, Furuya, Haru?, and I think that's all I got >.> also loving the comic so far!!

Oh! Um, the characters on my BG are all the different anime protagonists from the different sports manga/anime I’ve read/watched. (Even though now I’m missing some since I’ve read more again.)

(Here’s the full roster and the original image)

Also, thank you! I hope to do more comics soon!♥

Are you ever going to continue the prince and knight au?

Oh! I’m very glad that there are people looking forward to that!♥

I can assure you that me, yorunaka, and pixelatedlemi, are indeed still working to make that doujin a reality. Progress has been a bit slow due to everyone being busy, though. ^u^;;

If you guys want, I’ll try and dish out a bit more concept art when I can—When I finalize and clean some of the stuff I still have pending. OTL

Anyway, just please be patient with us. Thank you!♥ =3=