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When did my art blog turn into a sports/anime blog?

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this started off as a continuation for my daisuga week baseball au but then…… it developed into something worse. I’m not 100% happy with the uniform design but the white undershirt looks so much better than both orange and black.. idk what to doooo

(if you’re wondering who far have i gone with this au, this is how far also i’m sorry i don’t actually know much about baseball u_u!! sorry if something doesn’t make sense!)

p.s. when i was looking for refs for a back shot of a catcher i found this adorable pic that i wanna trace so bad 

Hi! I'm not sure if Japanese dramas are your cup of tea, but I know two sports-orientated dramas that have (in my opinion) pretty good plot and character developments that you could be interested in. The first is "Tumbling," which revolves within the world of rhythmic gymnastics. The second is "Rookie," which revolves around baseball. Ironically, both dramas involve (reforming) juvenile delinquents. But both are humorous and have steady plots! (I feel like a salesperson... but there's my rec)

"J-drama", "baseball", "juvenile delinquents"!??


I love J-drama’s!!♥ I remember watching watching all three seasons of the Gokusen J-drama in one go back in high school! I love stuff having to do with Juvenile delinquents too!!♥♥ I’ve watched Crows Zero 1 & 2 multiple times (I know it’s a movie and not a j-drama, but UGH dorky delinquents♥)

And gosh! Who can say no to baseball!?? Well—I certainly can’t!♥ And even better if it’s humorous and has a steady plot!♥

To be honest, I started looking for “Rookie” before I even finished typing my reply here! I’ll probably try out “Tumbling” too after I finish with “Rookie”.


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oh look their last names are the same and i am unoriginal: in which eijun is daichis cousin

karasuno asks daichi why he hates eijun so much

daichi: hes basically hinata and kageyama rolled into one and is the biggest headache ive ever had to deal with

according to suga-san they are actually v close and daichi does not in fact hate him. tanaka states that if thats what it means to be close to him then he wants no part in it

eijun informs them that daichi sort of reminds him of chris-senpai if he had part of miyukis shitty personality

(i realized too late that the kanji for their names are completely different lma o but the idea still stands and is possibly more ironic this way)

I was a little disappointed in the anime tbh, I don’t know if it was the animation or what, but I feel like it’s not reflecting how awesome the manga is. Because seriously, Baby Steps is one of the best sport mangas I’ve ever read.

I actually only just started reading the manga. It was the anime that got me into it… But yeah, the animation is… Well, sometimes it’s honestly a bit painful to look at. HAHA.

But seriously, more people ought to give it a chance. It may not be as fast paced and exciting as titles like Daiya no A or Haikyuu… But the characters are likeable. The story, if slow, is pretty good and well paced. And I always like an anime where I actually get to learn more about the sport it’s about and represents it in a fairly realistic fashion. (No superpowers here.)

Prompt #14 - “Hello. your art is really really amazing!! since you’re open for prompts, can you please draw a neko Miyuki? (miyuki with nekomimi or however you wish to interpret that)" from anonymous

I ended re-thinking this prompt over in my head that I just ended up with multiple random sketches until I ended up listening to a bit of Vocaloid again and TADAH. *sparkles*